Tomasz Kozłowski: Polish Round Table

The article deals with the political development in Poland in 1988 and 1989. The author has been analysing first talks of Solidarity representatives and those of the ruling regime, that should lead to negotiations and discussions about the reform of the country, and to which representatives of several social groups were invited. Those negotiations and discussions finally resulted in the so-called round table that took place from 6 February to 5 April 1989. Most significant talks were organised in three main groups – energy industry and social politics, political reforms, and trade union pluralism. These groups discussed, beside other topics, about Solidarity legalisation, the right for establishing independent social organisations, and the form of future economic reforms. Among most important results of the round table there were: definitive consent of communists to legalize Solidarity, agreement on the format of future elections to lower chamber (House) and upper chamber (Senate) of the parliament and establishing a new institution, namely the President who should be elected by the parliament for the period of 6 years. The author has also been analysing the course and results of elections in 1989, and the impact on future political development in Poland.