Silvia Haladová: Genuine Heroism. Outline of the Story of Political Prisoner Juraj Hurný

This contribution is dedicated to a significant topic of citizens' persecution by the communist regime in the period after the February Coup in Czechoslovakia in 1948. The communist power monopoly gradually infiltrated all areas of social life and hard interventions against real and alleged regime opponents touched all groups of citizens in Czechoslovakia. Number of people rebelled against the freakiness of the communist regime, in the spirit of moral values, democratic way of thinking and the steadiness of their characters. This conviction meant persecution, lost of freedom, tyranny, damaged health, or martyrium. Very often, long years of imprisonment of the current political regime opponents brought suffering not only to those political convicts, but also to their close family members. This contribution is focused on totalitarian state regime victims, through presenting bitter life story of Juraj Hurný and his family, one of thousands of political prisoners in former communist Czechoslovakia, which is a momentum of crimes of the past.