PAVOL MAKYNA: Anti-Jewish Disturbances and Flyers Distribution in Slovakia in Summer 1946

Return of Jews from extermination camps located on the territory of Nazi Germany and from their hiding places to the after-war society which learned about the truth about 'transports of Jews from Slovakia to work', was complicated and often very cruel. It is proved also by the documents located at the Slovak National Archive in Bratislava called 'Weekly reports of the 6th Department of the Ministry of Interior addressed to the Presidium of the Slovak National Council'. From those documents we learn information from whole Slovakia focused on the political situation, natural catastrophes, foreign visitors' travels, situation in border areas, movements of gunmen, reports from Hungary and Poland, etc. Information on flyers distribution also appears, mainly flyers against Jewish population. Major part in the content of several pages of the weekly summary is the category called Anti-Jewish violence. Therefore, we excerpted few of them describing after-war disturbances against Jews from June to August 1946.