PALKO, Vladimír. Štefan Kyseľ. Boarder Guard to the Core

Štefan Kyseľ used to work in border protection units of the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of the National Defence and the Federal Ministry of Interior for almost 30 years, the last 18 years in a position of an intelligence officer in three intelligence units of the 11th Border Guards Brigade. From 1971 to 1973 he was the member of Malacky intelligence unit; until 1975 Bratislava intelligence unit and after that, until 1989 Komárno intelligence unit as its commanding officer and from 1980 as its chief. In communities located close to the state border, he developed an extensive network of secret agents and collaborators as part of counter-intelligence tasks; the network assisted those visible Border Units to monitor "persons of interest" suspected of an intention to leave the country illegally. Štefan Kyseľ was an avowed and initiative intelligence officer substituing gaps in his intelligence or party political education by extraordinary activities and dedication to his work. The practice he gathered in various locations close to Slovak-Austrian and Slovak-Hungarian borders brought him the position of a commanding officer of Komárno intelligence unit and later of its chief. Significant number of preserved operation and agency files provide us with a balanced and exhaustive summary of Kyseľ´s activities during his intelligence service carrier.