Milan Hudaček: Rudolf Šesták and his Information on Vendelín Javorka

Demands of totalitarian regimes reach their satisfaction in reassessing values. It is similar with people who decide to follow the regime ideology and having the vision of benefits, they follow it also in their re-evaluated personal lives. Rudolf Šesták, chairman of an active religious group Rodina (Family), that fell into disfavour of the communist regime, also reassessed his life in the spirit of a totalitarian vision of the future of this world. The chairman was sentenced to 23 years in prison and under the influence of totalitarian ideals in the prison he changed his scale of values for the benefit of the communist society, which he wanted to create actively as its agent. He monitored non-communist intentions of undesired persons and reported on them to Security authorities. His ambitions were supported by the Security Service by an idea to make him a Vatican agent serving the communist world. His sentence in prison was interrupted for some time and he wormed into favour of Jesuit fathers Vendelín Javorka and Jozef Jurovský, so that he could prepare himself with their help to leave secretly to Rome. He made several mistakes and therefore the Security Headquarters in Prague did not approve his task to act as a spy abroad. His life story is full of turns, but even when reassessing many human culture aspects, the evil is still evil and the good is good also during the communist era.