KATREBOVÁ BLEHOVÁ, Beáta. Jozef Cieker and the Beginnings of the Slovak Broadcasting in the Spanish National Radio

Broadcasting to Slovakia from Abroad at the Time of the Communist Totalitarian Regime Arrival.

Presented scientific study aims to identify the beginnings of the Slovak broadcasting in the Spanish National Radio led by Jozef Cieker, the former Slovak diplomat. It is made within a broader context of the activities of the Slovak after-WW2 and after-February 1948 political exile, as well as taking international political specific situation in the bipolar world at the beginning of the Cold War into consideration. Examining that issue, not explored, and studied till now, shall contribute to a better knowledge of the international broadcasting phenomenon in the period of non-freedom. Independent Slovak Broadcasting in the Spanish National Radio was among first broadcastings during the Cold War period (the broadcasting was launched in November 1949) and the period of broadcasting was one of the longest (it was terminated in December 1975). The management of the Spanish National Radio applied the national principle instead of the state principle, and it was the basic condition to establish an independent Slovak edition and independent Slovak broadcasting, based on national and Christian traditions of the Slovaks, and the Christian world view generally. On the other hand, it was also a specific reflexion of the political situation in the after-WW2 Spain under the leadership of General Franco.