Films prepared to be broadcasted

Footprints in the snow (52´) – Director: Slavomír Zrebný

Annotation: Documentary about smuggling of literature to Czechoslovakia during the period of opression.

Movie website: www.stopy.weebly.com

NOVEMBER+20 (26´) – Direction: T. Vitek

Annotation: Film presents a documentary view of the pre-November, November, and post-November events in 1989, which formed development of our country and humanity. It is a film for all who did not forget and who won´t forget, as well for those who have never had the chance to experience these events.

Preview transcript:

“My mom was really afraid during the first days of the Revolution.”
“You must never give up. And we gave up.”
“Today I can’t shake off the feeling, that after all we were just cowards.”
“We will endure. We will endure and lead this fight to the triumphal end!”
“This should never be forgotten.”

We Survived the Gulag (45´) Direction: O. Krajňák

Annotation: Five men talk about their abduction to the Soviet labour camps and in all of the stories is clearly visible the scenario of KGB. By the similar scenario KGB entered into lives of more than 7000 Slovak citizens.

Preview transcript:

“At that point I regretted all my sins, all the sins I had ever committed. The end of my young life; it is over and nobody will know where I am.”
“Because there was just one rule: If you don’t sign, you get a bullet! If you sign, you will live a little longer!”
“For what? I have not done anything.” You got 10 years for doing nothing.
“Don’t cry, mom, I’ll surely come back.”

In the Shadow of Time (45´) Direction: T. Macák

Annotation: This film is a reconstruction of an airplane escape of Emil Švec and a brilliant analysis of the State Security´s intelligence game.

Hell in Jachymov (26´) Direction: K. Vlachová

Annotation: A documentary about the drudgery work of the political prisoners in uranium mines.

Preview transcript:

“Brothers and sisters, you call this annual pilgrimage the hell in Jáchymov.”
“That´s where I became the enemy of communism, not before. “
“Carriages and trains of the uranium ore, for which Americans would give us everything, because it was almost as valuable as the gold, went to Russia for free. And we even had to mine it and work on it! That is the highest treason. Our state had a unique historical chance to be the wealthiest state in the world.”
“The Cold War was a regime, from which we felt a chill on our backs.”
“They couldn´t burn the freedom. They couldn´t burn the love and the faith.”

Young People Roaming Free (26´) Direction: D. Ondruš

Annotation: A testimony of a Zone A singer and his cooperation with the State Security captures the effort of the totalitarian regime to control life of the youth. More than about the music band this film talks about the character of the Czechoslovak society of that time.

Preview transcript:

“It has been found out that amongst the co-operators of the State Security aren´t only present-day politics and dignitaries, but also famous singers.”
“When we all unite and bind together, that´s how we win. Our music will break through.”
“We weren´t Nazis, nor Fascists. We knew shit about it, we were just kids.”
“There are representatives of the punk scene who surely didn´t belong among the defenders of the communist regime in the past.”
“Well, we all were against it, were all were anticommunists. I don´t remember if they came with the car to take me or how it was. I guess they came to take me because it was so quick.”
“The concert is cancelled. Why it´s a mystery. Nothing works out well.”
“It has always been about them to tell me that if one does a smaller evil, the big one gets eliminated.”
“I signed it then, the cooperation.”
“If someone said he was not afraid, those were just drivels.”
“We are all doing fine, we miss nothing, viva! We all have everything, fortune flourishes, viva! Just go on, to please the mighty ones, we all are happy, together building our society.”

Candle Manifestation (29´) Direction: O. Krajňák

Annotation: A reconstruction of the Security Forces´ intervention against the peaceful gathering of believers at the Hviezdoslav Square in Bratislava uses the records of the State Security´s secret camera.

Accused of Planning the World War III (26´) Direction: J. Brocko

Annotation: A documentary portrait of Karol Noskovič, the activist of the Slovak Confederation of the Political Prisoners, who was in his youth unfairly accused and imprisoned.

Preview transcript:

“Dear citizens, dear comrades. I have just been returning from the castle, from the President of the Republic.”
“We don´t want much. We only want to add a little, a little brick to the fall of the regime that has just begun.”
“Dissident has become an open enemy, plotter, saboteur, diversionist, terrorist, and assassinator.”
“That time State Security started to play such a game against us that pauses a common sense.”

Freedom´s Road (26´) Direction: K. Vlachová

Annotation: A testimony of the Slovak Jews who saved their lives in coal cargo trains.