I would like to read what the security agencies collected about me. What should I do?

It is necessary to file a request for documents about your person, pursuant to § 17, Act 553/2002 Coll. The request form (not binding) is available at the NMI Homepage. The request must be signed with a signature authorized by a notary public.

I am currently abroad and I cannot come to your office to take over the copies of the files that you have prepared for me. Is it possible to request the information in an electronic copy or any other form?

It is, first, necessary to file a request for the documents with a certified signature, approved by a notary public. It is mandatory to send the application in paper mail, for this is prescribed by law.

If it is not possible for you to come in person to the seat of the Nation's Memory Institute, Námestie slobody 6, 817 83 Bratislava 15, Slovak Republic, it is necessary to sign with a certified signature a mandate for a person older than 18 years of age, enabling him/her to take over the documents for you.

Persons that I had been in personal contact with, are now listed as agents of the ŠtB. How do I learn whether they informed the ŠtB about me?

It is necessary to file a request pursuant to § 18, Act 553/2002 Coll., providing sufficient identification of the person (preferrably name, surname and birthdate).

Is it possible for me to access documents of the ŠtB related to persons, that were not conscious collaborators and are alive today (my relatives)?

The Act does not provide a possibility for this. It is possible to access documents about close family relations if they are deceased.

Why does the system not perform searches within all of the categories of the files that can be found at the Registration Protocol of the ŠtB files?

The system does not search persons, that, as ruled by the Constitutional Court of Czechoslovak Republic (14/92 Coll. of Rulings) were not conscious collaborators of the State Security (ŠtB). The system searches persons that were listed as conscious collaborators of the ŠtB. Except for persons listed as conscious collaborators, it searches also for persons, listed as inimical to the ŠtB and persons screened by the ŠtB.

Which authority is responsible for the request for compensation for people, serving in Auxiliary Technical Bataillons?

These requests are handled by the Slovak Ministry of Defense.