Emília Pastvová: Emigration after 1968 from Eastern Slovakia and Emigration of Citizens of Jewish Origin

In this contribution we dedicate to the topic of emigration in the years 1968-1969 from the Eastern Slovakia after the invasion of Warsaw Pact troops to Czechoslovakia. The extent of persons travelling abroad was regulated by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia. The travel of Czechoslovak citizens abroad was later regulated by the order of the Minister of Interior Affairs. Citizens who felt threatened by the then situation were leaving the country in high numbers. Among emigrants there were mainly university graduates, members of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, sympathisers of Dubček's politics, former collaborators of the State Security who could provide information abroad on the State Security operation was organised. Managers of companies and governmental institutions emigrated, who were state secrecy holders due to their positions. Whole families of citizens being of Jewish origin emigrated as they felt threatened after the invasion of Warsaw Pact troops.