International conference in Bratislava on 14 - 16 November 2007
NKVD/KGB Activities and its Cooperation with other Secret Services in Central and Eastern Europe 1945 – 1989

Date of the conference: 14 – 16 November 2007
Place of the conference: Bratislava, Slovakia, SÚZA (Správa účelových zariadení), Drotárska 46

The Nation´s Memory Institute in Slovakia is organizing an international conference NKVD/KGB Activities and its Cooperation with other Secret Services in Central and Eastern Europe 1945 – 1989 in co-operation with the Federal Commissioner for the Stasi Records (BStU), Germany, the Institute of National Remembrance / Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes against the Polish Nation (IPN), Poland, the Historic Archive for State Security of Hungary, Budapest and the Archive and Division of the Czech Ministry of the Interior, Praha, Czech Republic.
The conference will be ralized with the kind support of International Visegrad Fund and Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation.

The notorious Soviet political police, the „ČEKA”, was founded in December 1917, ninety years ago. Essentially from the beginning, ČEKA and its successors became instruments of Communist internal and foreign polity. Also after the end of civil war in Soviet Russia and in Russian-occupied satellites the police did its work. Soviet State Security used its methods to attain the country’s first target: to dominate Central and Eastern Europe as a geographically strategic space and as the basis for the implementation of the Soviet Union’s intentions for power.

The victory over Nazi Germany and the outcome of World War II opened the way to the heart of Europe (and elsewhere) for the Soviet security apparatus. Soviet State Security was able to assert all forms of command, control, and destruction in conquered states. Gradually communist power managed to create a system of satellites controlled not only by the party's apparatus but also – maybe mainly – through the assistance of satellite security structures. The administration of these structures, coordinated by Moscow, was aimed against western democracies and Third World countries until the erosion of the Soviet political bloc in the 1990s.

The representatives of Nation´s Memory Institute and its partnership institutions from Czech Republic, Germany, Poland and Hungary came to an agreement on the following conference panels:

  1. Security archives and sources of NKVD/KGB activities. Round table.(opening panel)
  2. From Soviet advisors in satellite states to Soviet security schools.
  3. Central and Eastern Europe as a base for espionage against the West.
  4. NKVD/KGB´s co-operation with satellite state security services.
  5. NKVD/KGB´s activities in occupied East Germany and Austria.
  6. Summarizable panel. Round table. (closing panel)

The official conference languages will be Slovak, English and German, simultaneous translation will be provided.

For further information please contact the Ústav pamäti národa (Nation´s Memory Institute) in Bratislava:

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