Liquidation of Jewish enterprises (1941-1942)

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The liquidation of Jewish enterprises, along with the aryanization, were part of the process of "eliminating of the Jews from the economic and social life" of Slovak Republic (1939-1945).

The liquidation of the enterprise was actually seizure of mobile property of the former owner, its catalogization , assessment , and converting to cash during the so - called liquidation deadline. The former owner was deprived of the opportunity to run the enterprise, and of the enterprise itself without compensation.

The liquidation, in some cases, was carried out by a commissioned liquidator, who received due from the value of the liquidated property.

The regime substantiated the liquidation of Jewish enterprises by "public interest."

"A professionally performed liquidation of Jewish enterprises, declared for redundant, and of those, which have an unhealthy economic influence, is in the interest of the public."

Augustín Morávek, Chair of the Central Economic Office, July 1940.


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